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Sharing the happiness

What we do, is take those bits of inspiration and happiness out there (and trust me, there’s a lot of it!), and send them to you. Wherever you want it. Email, facebook, twitter, tumblr, we’re here to bring the happiness to wherever you are.

Seeing the bright side

Life isn’t all fun and games, but the cloud always has a silver lining. We’re tired of all things negative in the world. Instead, we want to focus on what’s good, and on giving us the nudge to get even better. We believe that starting your day off with a bit of inspiration prompts you to think about your day, open your mind to details you might not normally notice, and puts you in the path of amazing things.  

Happiness Musketeers

Behappy is driven to bring inspiration to the average person in their day-to-day life. We’re a group of people who are tired of all the negativity, and are committed to making the best of the time we’re given. If we can inspire just one person a day – then our job is done.

Like what we do?

We also have a sister site StartupVitamins, which aims to inspire businesses. Check it out.

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